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Quickbooks payroll Error 15101

How to resolve Quickbooks Error 15101

When you are using QuickBooks Error, and updating the payroll, You may get an error. The error is known as error 15101. In this error, Quickbooks is not able to connect to the internet and download the updates.

Once its issue makes presences in the Quickbooks Error desktop, You may face other problems in it as well. The bank feed won't get updates or other feature which need internet connection could get interpreted. It is not necessary, you will get the same error number, but there will be some number.

Quickbooks Error 15101 Occurs, when you are trying to update the payroll. You can follow these steps to resolve the issue.

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Why Quickbooks Error 15101 Happens?

There are multiple reasons why it could happen. We are listing some of the reasons below.
● Since QuickBooks have multiple services on Windows, Maybe all of them are not getting started, Causing the error.
● Quickbooks recommended using Google Chrome as a default browser. So if by any case, in Your pc, the default browser is internet explorer. It may be the reason for showing an error.
● The firewall in windows could cause the error. It may disturb the internet connection.
● There is a possibility, there is another application, which is interrupting with QuickBooks causing the error.

Now, we have listed the reason for causing the error, let us focus on what could be the solution.

Method- 1 : Restart .Bat File

We need to restart the.Bat File To see if the error could get solved. To this First close The QuickBooks Desktop application. Go to desktop, select the Quickbooks Error icon, then right-click on it. You will have an option of properties. Click on it from there open File location. A file location is a place where the installation files are stored.

Now, Locate the.Bat file. Right-click on it, You will options, select run as administrator. A command prompt will get open, running QuickBooks file. Do not manually exit it. When it is finished repairing the data, it will close down automatically.

Now open The QuickBooks Error desktop again to See if the payroll has started working. If the issue is solved, then you do not need to take any steps. However, it not, try the next method.

Method -2 :

This method does not have complicated steps similar to the first one. We are going to make internet explorer a default browser to see if it gets the error issue resolved. Open internet explorer. When it is open, you need to click on setting at the right upper corner. There you will see internet options, click on it. Now, there are various options on this Tab. We need to go to the programs tab.

There make Internet Explorer the default browser. Click ok. Now internet explorer is the default browser. If you are using windows 10, Then the process may be different. Now Open Quickbooks desktop, See if the payroll is working.

When you are changing these things, Make sure you have created a backup for Your company files. We hope your payroll issue in QuickBooks gets solved via these steps.