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Quickbooks Online Login issue & information update, and how to resolve them?

Quickbooks is accounting software. It was developed by Intuit way back in 1983. From its version to till now, Quickbooks is quite popular among the small & medium business to handle their accounting needs. There are three versions of QuickBooks available in the market. Quickbooks online login version, Desktop version, and a smartphone. In this blog, we are going to describe what are some of the QuickBooks Online  login issues and how to resolve them.

We are Going also to tell you how you can update information on The QuickBooks online version. Life how to change company info, how to set the next payment date. We will cover these issues as well.

We will begin by Quickbook Online login issues on chrome browser.

quickbooks online login

Quickbooks login problem on Chrome

If you are using QuickBooks online version, Then You are going to face Different issue from time to time. There are generally issue with QuickBooks online login, where you are not able to use it. The loading screen gets stuck, and when you reload it, you again need to do a login.

However, you are still not able to log in. You may get messages like services are not available, Stuck at the loading screen and there is a loop of sign in. There is a possibility you get an error message, ‘’Web page can not be found, please try again later”. So, if you are getting a similar message like, follow these steps to resolve quickbooks error.

Fix - 1: Using Incognito mode in Google chrome

This is one of the first methods; you can try to fix the issue. When you are using google chrome in incognito mode, the history will get not recorded, So basically it's a fresh login on QuickBooks online. Do not worry, using incognito is similar to use the browser in the usual way.

To Enable it, Open Google chrome, Now when you are on the home screen. You can see the three dots on the right side upper corner of the browser. Click on it. There you will see the option of a new Incognito mode. Click on it. A new tab Will get opened here. Now Go to Quickbooks, Do a QuickBooks login and see if it is working. If it is working then, the issue was with QuickBooks server at that time; you will be able to login after some time.

The other way to open it is to use the shortcut. Press ‘ctrl+shift+N’ on your keyboard, it will get open. Now, like said before, If here you can log in, then do not worry. After some time, in normal mode, it will happen. However, if there is still a login error, we will move to the next solution.

Fix-2: Clearing history and cache

This is the second method; you can try. When you are using the browser for some time, the browser records history and cache, which make the browser more cumbersome. So we need to clear it for working correctly. We are going to do it, then perform a QuickBooks login to see, if the issue gets settles.

We start by clicking on those three dots. Then there is an option of history; When you click on it, again, you choose history. Then all of the browsing histories get opened. On the left, you will have an option of clearing browsing data. When you click it, You are Going to see the option of clear browsing data.

Here now you need to choose what you are going to clean. Select the browsing history, Cookies, and other side data, Cached Images and Files. Now click on clear data. Depending upon your browsing history, it will take some time to get it cleared. When it is cleared, Go to Quickbooks login page, enter your login and password, then Login. If the login is successful, then the problem is addressed. If not, then let us move on to the next fixing.

Fix - 3; Adding Another user on Chrome

So, This option is used, when the other two, which are mentioned above Do not work. We will try to use this method, Because adding a new user on chrome is similar to installing a new browser. So, you do not get to waste time installing it again.
To add a new user, you need to click on the user interface. You see the three dots, on the left of it, the user icon is situated. Click on it.
Now, there are a bunch of options here; We need to Go to the bottom and choose Manage people. A new window will open. Click on Add person. Follow the instructions from there to add the new user. You can use this fresh use only for QuickBooks login if you wish.

Now, there will be a shortcut on the desktop, click on it. Go to QuickBooks Login page, Sign in to see if it is working. If you can do a QuickBooks login, then continue to use it. If not, later, we will try to use the next method.

Fix - 4 Using another browser

This step, you should only do, When your chrome browser has not been able to solve the Quickbooks login issue. You should try other browsers to check if the sign-in issue is resolved. However, since Quickbooks itself recommend using Google chrome, You should not use other browsers for a long time. If you can do QuickBooks login on a different browser, then use it for time, then log out. Again login on chrome, By now, you should be able to do QuickBooks login.

There are two minors methods; You can try as well. First one is to check your time and date of the computer, If it is not set correctly. Then it may cause an issue in the QuickBooks login. The second way is to reset your privacy level and internet security. To do it, press the Windows button on your PC or laptop. Type internet options in the search bar. When it appears, choose it.

A new window will be open, click on the security. Here you can either raise the security level or lower it. Set it on medium to let QuickBooks login to work. Click on apply, then ok. Check sign in to see if it is working.

You should also make sure you are using the latest version of Google chrome. So, these are four methods; You can try in case of facing a problem with QuickBooks login. Now, We are going to tell you some other thing; you can change in Quickbooks online.

From time to time, you need to update your information on QuickBooks. However, you do not know how to do it. After some time, It can become a problem for you. To get out of these matters, follow these steps, And you will know how to change them.

When you open the accounts and setting or Company settings page, you can change the following things.

1. Company information and personal contact info.
2. Subscription status
3. Billing frequency
4. Payment method
5. Quickbooks online version
6. Upgrade info
7. Upcoming payment date & amount
8. Company ID

How To Change my subscription Information?

If you need to change your subscription information, you can do it easily via These steps. First Go To Quickbooks login, we hope by now the issue is solved. After signing in, at the right corner, click on the Gear icon. From here, Select Accounts and settings. It should be under your company section. Here on the page, you can see the personal information, what is the payment history? If you wish to change the subscription information, Change it.

How to Cancel My Quickbooks Online Subscriptions?

In case you want to change the subscription; you can do it. First, make sure, You are logged in as an administrator. Now Click on the gear icon. Then select accounts & settings. GO to Billing And subscription, click cancel. From here, you will get instructions about how to cancel the subscriptions. Follow them; Your QuickBooks subscription will be canceled.

How to update my Credit card information in Quickbooks online?

If you are planning to update your credit card information, you can do it in QuickBooks. We Begin by Doing Quickbooks login. Then Go to Accounts & setting. We already Told you, you can do it by clicking on the gear icon.

Under the payment method, you need to edit the information. There when you are editing it, you need to fill all the information, like credit card number, Billing info, security code. Make sure you are filling everything right. When you are sure, click on save changes.

We have covered two really important topics in this post. The first one is to resolve the QuickBooks login issue. The methods we have described will settle the issues. Then in the second part, we have told you how to change some information, in case you are going to need to change them. However, if you think, there is some error in the steps; we have told you, kindly let us know, we will try our best to rectify them.